All You Need To Know About Penis Enlargement Pumps

The lack of sufficient knowledge about penis pumps creates a mystery around them and allows for false myths and ideas about them.

Here, we propose to dispel the unfounded myth and get the real facts in front of you.

We received several emails with questions about penis pumps. We picked the most commonly asked questions and decided to explain them.

  1. Is penis pump safe?
  2. Will penis pump really enlarge my penis?

To ensure that you know what the penis pump is.

What better way to understand the views of others than to read this. Here are the sources of the penis pumps:

  • Info From Penis Advantage website:

Undoubtedly, you have seen many gimmicks, tools, and contraptions that claim to enlarge the penis. We have seen all things like the much-touted Vacuum Pump. But do they really work?

Let’s see how this device is considered ‘work’, and the problems you might have if you chose it.

PROBLEMS VACUUM PUMP: Vacuum Pumps has apparently been around for a long time, but you know who has received the REAL results using them? The main idea behind vacuum pumping is that you try to force blood into your penis and the power to grow.

On the surface this seems ok, maybe even in line with some of what we describe in our unique program. However, always think twice before using any product like a vacuum pump, because the side effects and consequences can be very severe! ”

The problem with using a pump is forced to power vacuum, not a stimulating exercise. This can cause damaged blood vessels, which can actually CAUSE various diseases and problems like Peyronnie’s disease.

Peyronnie’s disease is caused by trauma or minor accidents to the penis, (as above pumping).

The initial accident may be small, but as a wound heal, scar tissue and deformation of the outcome form. Basically, this makes the normal penis healthy once curved or bent.

This is NOT something we are trying to achieve! In addition, other problems you can face if you use a pump are:

* A lot of effort, little if any permanent results.

* Minimize results (temporary results only). This causes many men to over-pump, thinking that the more the better. This is WRONG and causes injury.

* Possible risk of blisters.

Vacuum Pumps – While the pump can not function for a while, it’s not suitable for surprise events. .

The “supposed” pump works by placing a tube over the penis and then pumping the water out of the tube. This temporarily swells the penis, but does not increase the ability of permanent size gain. The other disadvantages of vacuum pumps are:

  1. The risk of temporary impotence
  2. The risk of painful blisters
  3. Dislocating and bruising
  4. Bleeding from capillaries ruptures
  5. Too much effort with too little results

We do not recommend using this method, EVER. Penis pumps can prove to be dangerous!

* Using a vacuum pump can cause bruising or even worse, rupture superficial veins on the surface or deep within the penis and scrotum. This can cause bleeding or hematoma formation. Sounds pretty scary is not it?

* If you use a vacuum pump without knowing how it is done, this can cause any aggravatin already existing medical problems. Some conditions include menism, Peyronie disease, and urethral stricture. Ultimately, it can cause the penis to swell and can cause permanent damage.

This warning sounds pretty scary!

After reading all of the above, we will never take such a big risk with our penis and we are sure you will not be good.
Let me sum it up for you ..

* A penis pump will NOT help in enlarging your penis permanently.

* Penis pumps are used by people who have erectile dysfunction and you can not experience your own erection. DO NOT use it unless you have this problem.

* Penis Pumps can cause serious damage to the penis.

So, How About Bathmate Hydro Penis Pump?

Bathmate is a new innovation penis enlargement pump made in UK. Bathmate is 250% more effective than traditional air pumps. This pump uses the power of water to create full penis workout in the bath and shower.

The strength of Bathmate is designed by award-winning engineers who fully understand the vacuum mechanism when applied to the penis. The material of the bathmate is very elastic and strong up to the youtube circulating video pump maker is crushed by the car and keep intact not broken / damaged.

Bathmate Excellence

The main benefits of bathmate versus traditional vacuum / air pumps are: With sealing in the pelvis and not on the shaft of the penis (as in traditional pumps) the entire penis will enlarge and lengthen

Enlarging the penis along the entire penis shaft, not just on the outside, causes a hard and maximum erection of the penis.

The pump system and valve mechanism allow the penis to be pumped gradually, so that blood flows in and out of the penis. Doctors agree that this is very beneficial for the penis. The oxygenated blood stream removes toxins out of the penis, allowing a full extension of the erectile tissue and an increase in both the size of the tissue, thus making the penis larger without pain.

Using the incredible power of water is what makes Bathmate far superior. Water creates a much stronger vacuum than air which causes a greater force to increase penis size and to enlarge the penis. Unlike air, this water can not be compressed, so the resulting vacuum is solid and the vacuum must be entirely filled by penis expansion. Warm water also helps the blood flow and at the same time it protects and lubricates the penis as it develops, making it very safe to use Bathmate. This fact is confirmed by doctors and medical experts in the United States.

Can be used in bathtub, shower or in the air, Bathmate can be applied and pumped in seconds using one hand. .

In the simplicity of design and ease of use. Consisting of a polycarbonate tube, tested to withstand compression pressures of 400 kilograms and impact resistance of 20 kilograms dropped from a height of three meters, you can be sure that Bathmate tubes will last a lifetime with proper use.

Gaiter produced from high grade, secure rubber compound leather. The base of the gaiter comes with a secure leather comfort ring, so optimal sealing in the pelvic bag offers the highest level of comfort. Rapid release valves are specially designed to allow rapid discharge of the vacuum, allowing the Bathmate to be easily slid off the penis when the exercise is completed.